Reserved for Homes Reserved for Homes ADAM - Ref. 008 ADAM is a young, male Podenco/Bodeguero cross, born around November 2016. He was rescued from the pound along with several others. He is a sweet boy who is very affectionate and loves to play and has been fine with our cats. He is castrated and vaccinated, in good health and young enough to fit in with a family and with other animals. If you can offer him a loving home, please contact (+34) 952 521 426 or email Nerja. CAS Ref 008 ADAM IS NOW RESERVED FOR A HOME IN NORWAY 203879939 TOM - Ref. C025 TOM. Male. This fluffy boy cat is believed to be about 10 months old. He's turned up at a rental accommodation where animals are not allowed. His finders have treated him against fleas and worms and are happy to get him vaccinated and castrated but they are unable to keep him and would like a loving home for him. They say he has a fabulous temperament, really easy going, adores a daily brush and loves his food. He is in Frigiliana. If you would like to offer him a home, please contact (+34) 672 124 559 or email CAS Ref C025. TOM IS NOW RESERVED FOR A HOME 204044534 ALFIE - Ref. 005 * Private Ad* ALFIE is a large male puppy. He was born around 1st May 2016 and is already 22kg. He has been treated against fleas and worms, has been chipped and fully vaccinated and has passport so is ready to travel. He learns quickly and can retrieve a ball or frisbee. He gets on well with other dogs and with the finder's cats and just loves everybody. This lovely boy did not have a very good start but now he walks well on a lead, is well behaved in a car and is very good with commands, already he understands no and wait and he sits and gives you his paw before he has his food. He's lovely. He is a bit clumsy like a lanky teenager but there's not an ounce of nasty in him. If you could offer this gorgeous boy a home, please call (+34) 952 525 181 or email Nerja. CAS Ref 005 ALFIE IS NOW RESERVED FOR A HOME IN NORWAY 203576271 BRUCE - Ref. 058 BRUCE is a lovely, Jack Russell type puppy born Jan 2017 who loves cuddles and to play with other dogs. We also think he would be fine with children and cats as he is a loving playful type. He's being vaccinated, chipped and will have a passport so will be ready to travel very soon. We are not sure about Bruce's background but he would be easily trained as he is a good natured boy. If you could love this gorgeous little bundle of fun, please ring (+34) 952 521 426 or email Nerja. CAS Ref 058 BRUCE IS NOW RESERVED FOR A HOME IN SWEDEN 204321128 RUA - Ref. 019 RUA is a lovely male Cocker Spaniel dog who is about 7 years old. He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and has his passport but he does have an issue with being on a lead. He was homed but, after a day, his new owner said that he had shown signs of aggression whilst on a lead. That was also the reason given by his original owner when giving him up. So he will need an experienced home and training on how to behave properly whilst on a lead but look at him! Won't he just be worth the effort! He has now been in kennels for a month, mixing well with the CAS puppies and has so far shown no sign of aggression, including food aggression, since being there. So he should be fine with an experienced owner, preferably one without small children obviously. If you would like to transform this lovely boy's life, or just to explore the possibility, please contact Seacrest kennels on (+34) 952 521 426 or email CAS Ref 019 RUA IS NOW RESERVED FOR HOMING IN SWEDEN 203737460