Costa Animal Society

Helping animals since 1986

About Us

The Costa Animal Society is based in Nerja on Spain's eastern Costa del Sol.
It was founded in 1986 as Registered Charity No. 1576, C.I.F. No. (Tax I/D) G 2924 9455, for the sole purpose of helping abandoned and maltreated animals.

We work both alone and together with other organisations, here in Spain and in other countries, in order to achieve the best outcomes possible for the animals.

CAS has re-homed hundreds of animals in Nerja, Frigiliana, Torrox, Cómpeta and district and we are always interested in hearing from anyone who could adopt or foster a dog or cat or indeed from anyone who is able to volunteer their time to help us achieve our stated purpose.

We can be contacted during our shop hours on (+34)  601 629 938

Who's Who

President - Vera Newing - 952 529 870 
Treasurer - Rita Taylor
Secretary - Diana Carter - 952 523 985
Publicity -  Scott Huston
Fund Raising - Sue Anderson
CAS Shop Manager -  May Delaney   
Internet sites - Fiona Found - 672 124 559
Committee Member - Marjorie Arden
Committee Member - Joanna Piniuta
Seacrest Kennels, Laura & Kurt Weatherby - 952 521 426

Weston Kennels, Terry Weston - 951 254 134 or 693 545 989

CAS Shop - 601 629 938

How CAS Works

CAS has limited kennel space, mostly for injured or emergency cases. We rely heavily on volunteers to foster animals until a permanent home can be found.
We have links with animal charities in Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and Germany which have resulted in hundreds of dogs being re-homed in northern Europe.
If you find a dog which appears to have been abandoned, please first try to establish if it has an owner: if there's a collar, check the inside as well as the outside for contact details, ask a vet to check for a microchip or a tattoo and make enquiries locally to see if anyone knows the owner.
If there is no indication of ownership, would you be prepared to foster it for a short time? There is a strong chance that CAS will be able to find it a new home.

Please note the following important points:

  1. If you ask CAS to re-home an animal and we find a new owner, there is a binding agreement with you to release the animal from your care. Previously, fosterers have decided to keep their charge which, apart from affecting the credibility of CAS, could involve legal proceedings for the charities.
  2. If you have to give up your own animal for any reason and ask CAS to re-home it, we will try and help you via our website, Facebook page and contacts, but we would ask for a donation. CAS was established specifically to help abused and abandoned animals, not to help pet owners re-home their dogs and cats.

Once you have asked CAS to help, the following procedure is followed:

  1. You will be sent an Information Form by email, or it can be collected from our office. Please complete this with as much detail as possible and return it quickly. Attach several digital photographs of the animal, or attach photos to your form from the office, one of which we can display on this website and our Facebook page. It is important to give an impression of the animal's size and to be able to see its face. And please ensure you supply a contact phone number, an email address and an indication of the area in which you live.
  2. The form and photos may be distributed to our partners and the animal's details will be added to this website and to our Facebook page and may be shared on other sites.
  3. While a new home is being sought, please keep CAS updated with information and new photos if required. We may also contact you with questions from potential owners.
  4. If you are able to re-home your pet yourself before CAS has found a new owner, please let us know immediately.
  5. If the animal is given the status of "Reserved pending a home visit", you will be advised and must keep it for a further five days, even if you manage to find a potential new owner during that period.
  6. If you have any questions about fostering or the re-homing process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

And thanks for your help!